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Transparent Adjustable Radial Artery Compression Tourniquet Blue PVC / TPR
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Product: Views:12Transparent Adjustable Radial Artery Compression Tourniquet Blue PVC / TPR 
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Transparent Adjustable Radial Artery Compression Tourniquet Blue PVC / TPR





Radial artery puncture tourniquet, making PVC and TPR material, is mainly used forinterventional angiography after operation / hemostatic devices, the compressionmethod, the product uses the rotary cap can be adjusted at the pressure regulatorto adjust the compression effect, hemostatic effect. Adjust the center adopts aspring control, the hemostatic position.



Product Features


1. The soft cushion is made from special materials.transparent.soft and comfortable.

2. Special bridge and helix designed improve on fastness and ensure an effective hemostasis.

3. Visible pressure indications enhance an intuitionistic and scientific hemostasis.

4. Adjusting pressure by turning the turncap enhances a convenient and effective operation



Color reference value


GREEN=pressure is 200mmhg~250mmhg

YELLOW=pressure is 250mmhg~300mmhg 

Pressure will be changed 25mmhg while the color marker change 1 mmhg 


Use the steps:

A. operation after the catheter sheath pull out of 2~3cm, while ensuring that nosignificant vasospasm occurred, such as significant vasospasm, to conduct theappropriate treatment.

B. Adjustable cushion direction (please dont greatly rotating the rotary cap hatfactory set up the initial position, the cushion), the long side and tourniquet bucklevertical.

C. The cushion pressure points in the puncture point after 5mm. Note: This producton the left wrist and right wrist when in use, positioned on the patient hands are not the same. When installation should ensure that buckle bandage fixed section and the tail to refer to the same side


D. The green color of blue color bar and screw cap is flush, the pressure is about 100mmhg.

Hemostatic decompression time G each patient will be different, according to thediameter of the patient condition, clinical factors such as heparin injection volume,catheter sheath decision.

E, a clockwise rotating cap, pressurized first green color, then the pressure is about 150mmhg, the reference pressure through the color display: second green color =pressure 150mmhg~200mmhg yellow color = pressure 200mmhg~250mmhg

F pinch plate at both ends of the arched upward, briquetting pressure regulating isconducive to unsheathe tube quickly relax gusset plate, the pinch plate close to thepatient wrist. Adjusting rotary cap to the appropriate pressure, ensure that thebleeding at the same time, patients with stable pulse.

H after a certain time (determined according to the clinical situation), the device fordecompression. For the first time after decompression can be every 45~60 minutescounterclockwise rotation 0.5~1 circle, reached a step-down. If the re emergence ofbleeding situation, should be re adjust pressure to reach the purpose of hemostasis.

I, stop bleeding after the product release, also with gauze to protect the puncture point for 24 hours





Product name Specifications Product code Farmers description
Radial Artery Compression Tourniquet T1 010211 For the radial artery, angiography interventional puncture in vitro after hemostasis
Radial Artery Compression Tourniquet T2 010212 For the radial artery, angiography interventional puncture in vitro after hemostasis
Radial Artery Compression Tourniquet T3 010213 For radial artery blood pressure detection, make wilting after puncture in vitrohemostasis




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